Wealth partners with CoinMarketCap to give out 2,000,000 WLT !!

Wealth Locks
1 min readJul 9, 2021

Wealth(WLT) is partnering with CoinMarketCap to launch a Wealthlocks airdrop campaign between 12 July and 17 July 2021. A total of 2,000,000 WLT will be airdropped to 500 winners! You can participate in the campaign on CoinMarketCap’s Wealthlocks Page by clicking the ‘Airdrop’ tab once the campaign goes live!

How to participate

Starting on the the 12th of July 2021 at 11:00 UTC, go to the Wealthlocks Coinmarketcap to join our airdrop campaign. You will be able to earn “Entries” by completing different tasks listed below.

1. Add Wealthlocks to your CoinMarketCap watchlist.

2. Follow Wealth on Twitter.

3. Join the Wealth Telegram group.

4. Subscribe to Wealth Announcement channel.

5. Retweet the Wealthlocks x CoinMarketCap airdrop campaign Tweet on Twitter.

6. Like & tag at least 3 of your friends.

7. Fill in the CoinMarketCap Airdrop Participation form and write down your BSC (BEP20) address.

The campaign will start on the 12th of July at 11:00 UTC. On 17th of July, we will randomly select 500 Entry holders as the lucky winners. The full list of winners will be posted on all of our social channels.

Winners will receive the WLT airdrop by the 31st July 2021